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Barrisol® Framing Systems

Our skilled team are experts in creating framing solutions for even the most complex of challenges. Our expertise extends and enhances the flexibility of Barrisol® in any application.

Industry-leading Expertise and Cutting Edge Barrisol® Products

Soltech’s expertise is in providing technical solutions to support the BARRISOL® product, which are then seamlessly integrated within the larger project structure. We fully co-ordinate with adjoining trades to assist in the alignment of other finishes and surfaces such as MF/Suspended ceilings, including services such as heating & ventilation, lighting, sound and sprinkler systems.

Complete Bespoke Barrisol® Solutions Tailored to Individual & Challenging Briefs

Our suspension systems for creating floating rafts are a popular feature, each being unique, given the extreme flexibility of the BARRISOL® products.

Working with clients’ architects and designers, we can create bespoke framing solutions by manufacturing support structures to specific design requirements. This produces some of the most stunning and creative workspaces imaginable.