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Barrisol® Acoustic Solutions

A modern solution to reduce reverberation and increase sound absorption. Barrisol® is a quick, stylish and cost effective way to improve acoustics and transform your space.

Excellent Acoustic Performance, Ease of Installation & Dynamic Aesthetics

BARRISOL® Micro-perf is an acoustic membrane that has micro-perforations and has been designed to improve sound absorption and lessen reverberations.

Acoustic absorption reduces the intensity of sound-waves as they reflect within a room. The wave that emanates from a sound source is partially absorbed by the BARRISOL ACOUSTIC® sheet thereby reducing reverberation. The BARRISOL ACOUSTIC® stretch ceiling lets a portion of the sound energy pass through it. As the sound waves continue to reverberate around the room, energy loss continues and the sound in the space is reduced. Acoustic absorption is quite different from acoustic isolation (the transmission of noise from one space to another).

BARRISOL® Acoustical ceiling technology can be integrated into public spaces such as museums, airports, churches, restaurants or music venues – in fact anywhere acoustic comfort is important. Barrisol’s® technical performing ceilings are now widely used within residential spaces, due to the minimalist approach of current interior design.

To obtain the level of desired absorption which varies with the specific environment, Barrisol® offers 4 types of acoustic sheets:

Acoustic A15 Nanoperf
Acoustic A20 Acoperf
Acoustic A30 Microacoustic
Acoustic A40 Miniperf
In addition, there are specific sheets such as:

P10 Mediperf® which improves intelligibility in the places that have areas of large volume.
P20 Mezzoperf® is a perforated ceiling. Associated with an insulator, this sheet guarantees
an optimal acoustic performance to reduce resonances of buildings with greater volume.
P40 Maxiperf® sheet breaks the effects of reverberation to make places more acoustically
comfortable due to its 4 mm diameter perforations.
The technology built into BARRISOL ACOUSTIC® sheeting allows it to obtain spectacular acoustic results.