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Barrisol Artolis® Fabric System

A fast, simple solution using fabric panels to change the look, feel, and performance of a space with the minimum hassle and maximum interior design impact.

Technical High-Performance Fabrics to Transform Walls

To meet interior design requirements, Barrisol Artolis® offers a set of technical solutions in a wide fabric width (up to 5m: without welds or sewing).

Barrisol Artolis® offers a clean, easy and fast installation which can be installed in few hours in ambient room temperature with no requirement for supplementary heat. Barrisol Artolis® coatings are shock and impact-resistant and are perfectly adaptable for wall applications. Technical elements such as switches or electric outlets are able to be perfectly integrated within the Barrisol Artolis® system.

Design and Acoustic Performance

When combined with an acoustic absorbent material of 1cm to 5cm thickness, the Artolis Acoustic ® coating offers a reduction in sound reverberation, particularly for voices, and improves acoustic comfort. This signifies an ideal acoustic solution for public places such as airports, restaurants, offices or music venues and also offers great acoustic comfort in private residencies too.

Quality, resistance and acoustic performances
No more cracks
Clean and impeccable finishing
Fast installation
No welds or sewing – up to 5m high
Long life – maintenance free
Acoustic comfort
Thermal insulation
HQE label (High Environmental Quality)

Barrisol Artolis Acoustic® offers a wide range of high acoustic performances, aw= 1.0 plain or printed. Coated textile membranes performances provide excellent results with very low thicknesses.

Example 1:
50 mm thickness with 45 mm glass wool
Acoustic absorption ranking: A or B
aw situated between 0,85 and 1.0
(data sheets available on request)

Example 2:
10 mm thickness with a 600g/m2 fleece
Acoustic absorption ranking: D
aw situated between 0,4 and 0,5
(data sheets available on request)